Keep the Artist Fed

The Hallowell mural has been a 3+ year far.

We are raising funds to keep our master mural artist Chris Cart painting, so he can finish the mural for finish in 2021. Chris has over 2400+ hours into the project so far and he is still working away.  We are trying to raise another 6,000 to keep him painting and to buy the final exterior wall adhesive and varnish—so we can unveil the mural soon.

Note from the artist:

"I had planned to be finished and have the grand unveiling in 2020 but the odd Covid year threw all sorts of delays at me. Fortunately we did not get COVID but fundraising ran dry so I had to take on other art projects throughout the year to keep the bank accounts full and the mortgage paid. I would work on the mural in between.

Another big delay in forward progress was that several people and our Hallowell historians presented me with many important bits of Hallowell History that were not yet included on the wall. Cramming these new things in just did not work, design-wise. So I spent a lot of last winter redesigning about 2/3 of the mural. This required some already painted things to be repainted and others physically cut out and moved to another location. The redesign took months to get it all to fit and to all look good.

Since late spring 2020 I've been solidly working on new things, not just redesign or rearranging. And the mural is screaming toward finish. A lot left to do--I haven't even painted Hallowell's vast troupe of musicians and artists yet...

Thank you all for your ongoing support. I wouldn't be able to put all this time into this wall without your contributions."

Get a Mug

Your $100 helps fund the Mural

...keeps the artist painting & eating...
...and gets you the great 15oz Mural mug with the artist's mugg on one side and "I Fed The Artist, Hallowell Mural Project" on the other.

Solid porcelain that keeps your cup of joe hot. Limited edition, and destined to be a Hallowell Mural collector's item

Get Your Mug

(mug image from a self portrait by the artist, 16 x 20 in, acrylic on canvas)

The Mural Studies

The work behind the mural—dozens of pencil and color studies

Chris has filled drawing pads of studies for this mural. He has been picking out some of the best drawings and paint studies to sell as part of the fundraising for the mural.

The Mural Studies Gallery