Our Mural Sponsors

The Hallowell Mural will be a 3 year project.

We couldn’t do it without our Sponsors. Thank you!

Scroll down a bit to see some major donors.

Our artist will continue to work over the months of winter into spring 2020 to finish our mural.

major sponsors
  • Ray Vallee
  • E. J. Perry
  • Steven Marson
Scroll down a bit more to see all donors.
Mural Grants
  • Maine Arts Commission
  • Maine Community Foundation
  • Elsie & William Viles Foundation
  • Kennebec Savings Bank
Organization Sponsors
  • Vision Hallowell
  • Row House Inc
  • Ian Parker Foundation
  • Arts & Cultural Committee
  • Hallowell Board Area of Trade
Individual Mural Donors | no particular order

E.J. Perry
Steven Marson
Ray Vallee
Sam Webber
Chris Walters
Jeanne Langsdorf
Jim & Karen Simpson
Berry & Berry Floral
Al & Joan Hague
Kristen Aiello
Betsy Cook
Malley Webber
Laura Harper & Lauren Mier
Judy Feinstein
Jean McWilliams
Barbara Rohrbaugh
Glenn & Sarah Hodgkins
Deb Large
Bob McIntire
Gail Wippelhauser
Kieren Kammerer
Hilary Davis
Ethan Bessey
Frank O’Hara
Maggie Warren
Henrik Strandskov
Rosemary Presnar
Deb Fahy
Alan Stearns
Austin Brown
Sue Wallace
Bob Collins
Pam Bruno
Inch Family
John Bastey
Lyn Donovan
Todd Bachelder
Almand Hunter
Kate Tremblay
Cary Colwell
C Seymour
Grace Popple
Rick & Sue Cote
Mike Clements

Mike Frett
Kristin McKee
Berkeley Almand
John Bastey
Maria Fuentes
Mark Griswold
Amy Wilmot
Christopher Lockwood
anne Kenneth Young
Linda Sadoff
Peter and Ruta
Gail Schade
Dan Lombard
Pat House
John & Marian Burr
Johanna Mcloud?
Anne Young
Dunklee Nott Ken Nott
Tim Richardson
Berkeley Almand-Hunter
Ellen Lamb
K M Tucker
Sheaffer Family
Julie Horn
Deb & Syd Sewall
George LaPointe
Hilary Neckles
Barbara Cumming
Catheryn Douglas
Christine Sullivan
Nate Rudy
Dionne Family
Jill Lekta
Tom Knox
Ruta Dzenis
Dan Wathen
Barbara Rohrbaugh
Glenn & Sarah Hodgkins
Joel Canty
Jennifer Mckendry
Bessey Family
Paul Baribault
Christy Cross
Paul Baribault