Hallowell Mural Project

400+ years of history—

700 sqft mural by Chris Cart

More about the Mural

Hallowell History

Chris Cart's design encompasses Hallowell's fascinating 400+ year history—from pre-colonial days, through the Revolution and into the present day music & arts scene.

Mural Process

The 700 square foot mural (29ft x 24ft) is being painted on canvas with professional mural paints with a process designed by the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.

Our Artist

Our artist Chris Cart—a master muralist in the prime of his career and long time Hallowell resident—has more than a dozen major murals around Maine, in Seattle and Washington D.C.

Chris Cart | mural artist

Our mural artist is a master mural painter with over a dozen major public murals in Maine, Seattle and Washington D.C.

It is an exciting process to watch the mural progress. Chris Cart has been opening the mural studio weekly so people can see the progress, ask questions about process, subject matter etc.

artist's bio
Sam Webber | Hallowell Historian

Sam has worked with Chris for over two years on key parts of Hallowell history to include in our mural.

Sam has been recording and saving Hallowell history for decades--preserving the fascinating story of our City. And now Chris is recreating that history in paint for our town.

The Hallowell mural committee -- the people who have made this all happen.
Christopher Cartour master mural artist

Chris Cart has murals around the state and as far afield as Seattle and Washington D.C.--and it is high time we had one to celebrate our very own Hallowell.

Sam WebberHallowell Historian

Hallowell's beloved historian--this guy knows everything. Sam has an endless knowledge and supply of images of old Hallowell.

Jen Greta Cartmural assistant extraordinaire

Super talented, Jen is always on board for big mural projects, for whatever and whenever a second pair of hands is needed.

Deb FahyArt Consultant, grant advisor

Art mural consultant and general she-gets-it-done-when-you-need-it-done type help.

Chris Valleeman with the wall

And the first to think of the mural idea. Never a shortage of ideas or goodwill for that matter.

Nate RudyHallowell City Manager

A fund of knowledge about city stuff, fundraising, art, you name it. A great Hallowell asset and passionate about art.